Department of Labor Employment Workshop
Facilitator Webinar

Listed below are the individual webinars, click the links to begin viewing.  At the bottom of this page are the resources mentioned in the webinars.

Please remember that you need the following items before you can view the webinars:

The goal of these webinars is to introduce the field of current DOLEW Facilitators to the revised DOLEW Participant and Facilitator Manual components.

Once participants have viewed the below recordings they will be able to:

Explain each section of the DOLEW participant manual.
Explain how to obtain necessary DOLEW material and resources.


  This is the first webinar and covers the purpose of DOLEW and the Facilitator Roles.  This webinar contains an overview of DOLEW and the curriculum covered in the 1st day of the DOLEW.
  33 min.  

Day 1


  This webinar covers the curriculum in the 2nd day of the DOLEW.   31 min.  

Day 2


  This webinar covers the curriculum in the 3rd day of the DOLEW.   27 min.  

Day 3


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